Andrimner Applied Genetics

Andrimner is your partner in porcine genetics, who supports a profitable pig production in 3 strategic important areas of your business. Genetics, Health and Management.

Andrimner A/S is a new business founded on the idea of establishing and supporting tailored DanAvl breeding programs to the World leading pig producers. At Andrimner the establishment of a DanAvl Nucleus Herd only the beginning of a long-term strategic cooperation, improving the breeding value of the herd.

Direct access to the DanAvl Genetic Nucleus

Andrimner enables their customers direct access to the DanAvl genetic nucleus farms. This implies that Andrimner customers can reduce the genetic lag and get direct access to improved genetics resulting in better production results.

Monitoring of Genetic value

With Andrimner the genetic value of your breeding program will be monitored with weekly updates of the genetic value of individual breeding animals.

The rate of genetic progress and the accumulated performance data of relatives in the DanAvl breeding program makes it worthwhile to take take into account in the selection and culling strategy of breeding stock.

As a customer at Andrimner you have access to semen and boars tested on the highest level in the DanAvl breeding program. Andrimner gives access to the selection index and the updated estimated breeding values. Breeding animals are not marketed with an adjusted sales index but with the original breeding values.

Customized breeding program

The DanAvl selection index is calculated on the basis of the cost of production in leading Danish pig herds. At Andrimner we offer to customize the selection of breeding animals to the cost of production at our individual customers.

Benchmark of Genetic value and Production results

At Andrimner we offer to benchmark the production results of our customers against the leading DanAvl producers internationally. This enables Andrimner customers to focus their resources on areas of potential improvement.

Long-term business relationship with DanAvl Nucleus Herds

Andrimner takes advantage of the long-term business relationship between the DanAvl Nucleus- and Multiplier herds and our customers will have the benefit of the trust and reliability that is achieved through years of business cooperation.

Andrimner Health System

Health is the paramount precondition for the breeding animals to express their full genetic potential and a profitable pig business.

Managed Closed Herd Multiplication

Closed Herd Multiplication can dramatically reduce health risk and cost of production. Despite the obvious benefits of Closed Herd Multiplication most customers are reluctant due to the management resources needed to maintain a successful CHM program and the risk of increasing genetic lag. Andrimner is specialized in the management of Closed Herd Multiplication and Nucleus Management and offers a range of managed CHM programs.

Control of Clinical Signs

Andrimner offers an additional clinical control at our source farms as a supplement to the official blood testing regime and health monitoring system.

Veterinary Advise in quarantine and immunization

Even though the breeding animals are sourced from Nucleus- and Mulitplier Herds with same or higher health level. There can be differences in the microflora of the herds causing symptoms or outbreak of diseases that was otherwise under control. Therefore we offer individual consultancy setting up quarantine and immunization of breeding animals.

Veterinary advise in external health protection

Apart from the risk of importing diseases together with the breeding animals. There are many other reasons for infections. The Andrimner Veterinary Health Director offers general advice in health protection.

Veterinary advise and consultancy in eradication of disease

With all precautions taken and a comprehensive health protection, most farms will experience a decreasing health level with time. Therefore it can be relevant to evaluate the options to eradicate diseases with important influence on cost of production. Erradication of specific diseases can often succeed with management procedures or a combination of medicin and management.

Customer value in focus

At Andrimner we focus solely on creating longterm value for our customers. We are independent of political interests and we have no obligations in terms of other interest being x or transportation systems. Our sole obligation is toward the interest off our costumer and will be measured by the value we create for their business.