This is Andrimner

Your partner in applied porcine genetics.

The primary focus of Andrimner is to tailor and support genetic solutions together with pig producers worldwide.

Andrimner has an agent agreement with Andrimner/Rosgaard Breeding Aps to supply DanAvl Genetics.
Andrimner A/S is private limited company. Andrimner A/S is founded and owned by Managing director Søren H. Hertel.

Shareholders in Andrimner A/S

  • Boskov ApS owned by Søren Hansen Hertel (100%)

Our vision

Cooperating with customers worldwide we implement and support tailored DanAvl breeding programs. We collaborate with our customers and their suppliers to enable the animals to express their full genetic potential in an efficient and profitable production of healthy and tasty food of high quality.

Our mission

We strive to be the preferred partner in the implementation of DanAvl breeding programs to the leading producers of pig meat internationally.

We envision an open international collaboration in development and implementation of knowhow in applied porcine genetics – to the benefit of breeding animals, pig producers and consumers.

Our name

Our company name derives from the Norse mythology where Andhrímnir is chef in Valhalla, the powerful god Odin’s residence. Andhrímnir is the one who carves the rich chops from Sæhrímnir – a sacred pig that after being eaten is restored to life to be eaten again the very next evening. The chops are consumed by the Viking warriors returning in hunger from the battlefield, feasting on the good cookery work of Andhrímnir and the ample supply of nourishing food from Sæhrímnir.

Like the figure Andhrimnir from the myths, at Andrimner we seek to add value in the pork chain resulting in healthy and tasty pork of high quality.

Our values - the way we work

All our efforts in order to add further value to the world’s pork production are based on six basic company values – our six I’s that in combination turns into what Andrimner does for U:

We will add value to our customers by systematically investigating their needs and objectives as well as analyzing and understanding their current system before we suggest any solutions.

We will add value to our customers by integrating management, technology and genetics in long term sustainable and profitable solutions.

We will add value to our customers by an innovative approach to every detail in the way we do business – and we will involve ourselves in research, development, and testing together with our customers to enable the mutual sharing of new solutions.

We will add value to our customers by continuously improving our products and services and by cooperating with our partners.

We will add value to our customers and partners by implementing and executing our propositions and promises accurately and conscientiously.

We will add value to our customers by being international and having our best qualified resources as close to our customers as possible, to understand , challenge and respect the way our customers do business.

Our people

Soren_retoqueSøren Hansen Hertel, M.Sc. Agri.
Managing Director
– in charge of English Speaking countries


Galo Navarro Ballester
Commercial Director
– in charge of Spanish and Latin speaking countries


Felipe Garre
Financial Director


Marcela Torres


Marta González

Our partners

AgroSoft A/S has during the last 20 years developed and supported software solutions for pig producers and the feed industry.
Today AgroSoft A/S is a market leader on the Danish market with a customer base managing more than 800.000 sows. AgroSoft has for a long timeperiod established them selves internationally and today AgroSoft A/S supports customers worldwide.
The company has a commitment to their customers and their business and together with their customers they have been leading in development of software solutions for the pig industry. Specifically in the management of on farm nucleus herds and management of transponder feeding systems.
Andrimner A/S is therefore pleased to announce that we have made an agreement to distribute their software WinPig together with DanAvl breeding programs.

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Danish Farm Design A/S is an independent consulting company specializing in dairy, beef cattle and pig production. DFD covers the whole process from project idea to operation.

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